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Revi Goldwasser
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Revi is sought after for her insider knowledge and expertise on hiring trends, job hunting tips & strategies. She has been quoted in numerous media, including Chicago Tribune, NY Sun, & interviewed live on Fox Business News.  Having run her recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, Goldwasser has read hundreds of thousands of resumes, and spoken to 1000’s of job seekers in all aspects of finding a job.

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In this FREE webinar Revi will reveal 
5 Job Hunting Secrets:
Secret #1
How to get your Resume to land an Interview!
Secret #2
How to answer the dreaded question.. 
"What is your weakness?"
Secret #3
What to write under Minimum Salary Requirement in the Application?
Secret #4
 DUI on your background?? What do you do?
Secret #5
Do you have a "Sense of Urgency?"
It can cost you the job if you don't!
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